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  • Fault analysis of cold and warm mattress water pump

    1.  The axis of the magnetic pump is broken. CQB type magnetic pump shaft is made of 99% alumina ceramics. The main reason for the fracture of the pump shaft is that the shaft is twisted because the pump runs empty and the bearing is grinded dry. When the pump is dismantled for inspection, it can...
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  • Common materials for making pumps

    First: cast steel Because the strength of cast steel is higher, the requirements are more accurate. Usually when the pressure is >1.6Mpa, the pressure-bearing parts are mostly cast steel, the national standard code is ZG, and the most commonly used grade is ZG230-450. Second: stainless steel T...
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  • What is a miniature pump?

    Usage of micro-pump: Micro pumps are mainly used in water treatment, natural environment protection, medical devices, industrial control, research laboratories and other environments. Of course, we also use bonsai lovers in bonsai. Their main features are small size, low noise, low power consumpt...
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  • How to Reduce Noise of Fish Tank Pump

    Pump noise is produced by the parts in the pump or the medium flowing in the pump. In order to reduce noise, it is necessary to carefully analyze the source of noise and improve the structure of the source or the motion state of the medium. The main causes of noise are as follows. There are many ...
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  • Safe operation of slow-closing check valve

    Two problems need to be avoided in the operation of centrifugal pumps: the water hammer when the pump stops and the minimum flow rate. But the basic idea is how to configure a suitable system around the centrifugal pump. Valves play a very important role in these systems, and with the deepening u...
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  • The processing method of the ball valve

    1: electroplating 2: Cold Spraying 3: thermal spraying 4: spray welding 5: nitriding. Electroplating: The process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on some metal surfaces by electrolysis principle. So as to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance and enhance the beauty. Cold...
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