5V 1.4W DC Star flower solar fountain pump AS50A


  • Model: AS50A
  • Rated working voltage: 7VDC
  • Max static water head: 95±10(cm)
  • Max static flow rate: 180±18L/H
  • Lifespan: Continuous operation under normal working surrounding>20000H
  • Max working temperature: Under room temperature surroundings, fluid medium temperature≤60℃
  • Application: Solar fountain, Bird bath, swimming pool, fish pond, garden decoration, patio, solar water circulation,etc.
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    Part Description Quantity
    A       Solar panel with pump    1
     B1 Connecting pipe    1
     B2 Connecting pipe    1
    B3      Nozzle 1    1
     B4      Nozzle 2    1
     B5      Nozzle 3    1
     B6      Nozzle 4    1



    1. Assembling the connecting pipe B1 with the pump outlet, and then with connecting pipe B2 and nozzles in turn.(Fig.1)
    2. Putting the product into water, making sure the water pump is completely immersed in water. Let the sunlight shine diectly on the solar panel without any shade so that the water pump can start spraying water.


    ●The Lifetime:≥10000Hours

    ●Restart: The fountain pump will restart automatically in 3seconds once bright sunlight shines directly again on the solar panel without any shade.
    ●Solar Panel:5V/1.4W                    ●Size of Solar Panel:173*166mm*3mm
    ●Maximum Lift of Pump:70 cm            ●The Power of Pump: 0.5~0.85W
    ●Maximum Water Height:30-45 cm          ●Maximum Quantity of Flow:150L/h


    1.Before using the product, the protective film on the solar panel should be removed to avoid affecting the normal operation of the product.
    2.Make sure to let the full solar panel face directly to the sun! The pump may not work under shadow or cloud.
    3.The pool should have enough water to make sure the pump is completely immersed in water.
    4.Cleaning the pump and panel regularly. Make sure nothing covers any part of solar panel or blocks the pump.

    5.The power of the solar panel depends on the sunlight, so the pump is influenced by the weather,seasons and places,etc.
    6.Don’t make the pump work without water for a long time, otherwise, its lifespan will be shortened.
    7.If you find water spray is blocked, you can remove the pump for cleaning. (As shown on the right picture.)

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